Our Pastor

Pastor Mike was saved through a religious instruction class in a Public School at the age of 9. Then a couple of years later was baptized and became a member of his local Baptist Church.

His family then moved to Brisbane, where his time was consumed with sport and teenage years that were all but wasted. At the age of 19 he finally surrendered to God and the called that was placed upon his life.

He was trained right here at Trinity Baptist Church by Pastor Bonnick and other ordained men that God brought into our congregation. He graduated from Bible Institute in 1998 and was ordained to the Gospel Ministry in 2001.

Pastor Mike was installed as the 3rd Pastor of Trinity Baptist Church on the 20th of October 2002. During the past 12 years God has seen fit to continue to use and establish the Church.

Pastor Mike is married to Lindsey and God has blessed them with 5 children.

Our Ministries

Sunday School

Due to the many families that God has blessed us with, we have a thriving, enjoyable Sunday School program that caters to children from 6 months right up until 12. While this service is on offer parents are not required to use it if they would prefer not to.

Corn Seed Ministry

We recognize that not all people are able to make it to our property so we have a fortnightly street ministry. During this time we are able to talk with people about the Lord while also providing them with a light meal. Through this we not only are helping people physically but are able to give God's Word.

Kids Club and Junior Youth

These ministries provide a relaxed fun time for children of ages of 5-10 (Kids Club) and 11-15 (Junior Youth). This is held fortnightly on a Friday Evening.

Our Services

Here at Trinity we enjoy service the Lord and that shows in the way we conduct our services. Our joy comes from honouring the Lord not pleasing ourselves, and therefore we endeavour to do things that with glorify God. Our regular service includes the singing of Hymns, the reading and preaching of God's Word, prayer and a time of fellowship. While the atmosphere is quiet relaxed and inviting we do take our time with the Lord very seriously.

IF you would honour us with a visit we would endeavour to make you feel welcome and help you to leave with a desire to return.

May the Lord bless.